Stormwater Program & NPDES Updates

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Protecting our Water Supply

Stormwater is the rain that runs off of streets, roofs, and other hard surfaces that do not allow the water to infiltrate into the ground. It can pick up pollutants, such as metals, bacteria, and sediment, as it flows off these surfaces. Stormwater pollutants can cause problems in our surface waters, making unhealthy habitats for fish and unhealthy areas to swim, as well as posing as a possible threat to our drinking water by finding its way into the groundwater untreated.

A Comprehensive Approach

For these reasons, the City takes a serious approach to properly managing stormwater. The Stormwater Utility protects water quality, reduces harm to aquatic habitat, and minimizes flooding in the City. The City has outlined a comprehensive approach to the overall management of stormwater in the 2002 Comprehensive Stormwater Implementation Plan, and looks toward long-term goals emphasizing prevention, community participation, and resource conservation.

2002 Comprehensive Stormwater Implementation Program Plan

In March of 2002, staff completed a comprehensive document describing a wide array of successful projects accomplished under a grant received from the Washington Department of Ecology’s Centennial Clean Water Fund. This report identified the foundation of the City's comprehensive stormwater program, including elements required by the City's NPDES Phase II permit.

2002 Comprehensive Stormwater Implementation Program Report

Report Appendices

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