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  • How would fire services be different if my property was annexed into the City?

  • How would police services be different after annexation?

  • If annexed, will the City pay the electric bill for the street lights in my neighborhood?

  • Can I burn my tree branches and yard debris if my property is annexed?

  • Can I keep my livestock if my property is annexed into the City?

  • If annexed, am I required to hook up to City water and sewer?

  • Can I help guide local decisions if my property is annexed to the City?

  • What’s this about better access to local elected officials after annexation into the City?

  • How does annexation affect voting? Can I still vote for County Commissioners?

  • How is an annexation done?

  • How does annexation affect auto insurance?

  • How does annexation affect homeowners insurance?

  • What happens to taxes with annexation?

  • If an annexation is denied, does that stop development?

  • What happens to zoning during the annexation process?

  • The Urban Growth Area has been discussed a lot over the years, what exactly is it?

  • How does annexation affect zip codes? What about schools?

  • What are the most common reasons someone would ask for their property to be annexed to Tumwater?

  • How can I volunteer on one of the citizen advisory boards or commissions?

  • I have something to say to the Council; how do I do that?

  • Does each Councilmember represent a certain area in the City?

  • How can I get in touch with the Mayor?

  • When are City Council meetings?

  • What is annexation?