Transportation Plan

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Transportation Plan Element of the Tumwater Comprehensive Plan



The Growth Management Act (GMA) requires a coordinated planning program for regional transportation systems throughout the state. Regional transportation plans are required and have been developed by the Thurston Regional Planning Council. The Tumwater Transportation Plan is a City-wide plan that must be coordinated and consistent with the regional plan. The Transportation Plan must also be consistent with the Tumwater Land Use Plan.


The Transportation Plan established a concurrency management system that enables the City to determine whether the public transportation system will have adequate capacity to serve new development. Level of Service (LOS) standards are established for the City's road system. Prior to approving a building permit, the city must perform a concurrency test. A building permit may be approved if a Finding of Concurrency is made. A Finding of Concurrency indicates that the transportation system has adequate capacity to accommodate additional traffic generated by a new development without causing the LOS to decline below adopted standards, at the time of development or within six years.


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