Tumwater Comprehensive Plan


Tumwater Comprehensive Plan

The Tumwater Comprehensive Plan is a legal document adopted by the City Council that establishes policies that guide future development. It is used by the City Council, Planning Commission, private firms, and individuals when faced with decisions about land use, capital improvements, and the enactment of development regulations and related growth management legislation.

The Tumwater Comprehensive Plan is composed of several chapters called elements. Click on the "Up for Review" link to learn more about elements that are being updated.

Tumwater Comprehensive
Plan Elements
Citizen's Guide to the City Plan pdf-icon-sm (1 MB) A summary of the various topics and elements of the Comprehensive Plan.  
Capital Facilities Plan pdf-icon-sm (10 MB)
*Up for Review
The need assessment and funding strategies for the next six years of City projects.  
Conservation Element pdf-icon-sm (<1 MB) Identifies critical environmental areas and valuable natural resources as well as policies to protect and conserve them.  

Economic Development Plan pdf-icon-sm (4 MB)

*Up for Review

Identifies techniques to attract new development and business to key areas in the City.  
Housing Element pdf-icon-sm (<1 MB) Studies the existing housing stock and explores methods of providing sufficient affordable housing for all economic segments.  

Joint Plan pdf-icon-sm (9 MB)

*Up for Review

Aligns City and County policy concerning the Tumwater Urban Growth Areas to ease future annexation transitions.  

Land Use Element pdf-icon-sm (<1 MB)

Contains goals, policies, and designations for current and future land use throughout the City.

Lands for Public Purposes Element pdf-icon-sm (<1 MB) Identifies lands useful for public purposes and outlines the process for siting essential public facilities.  
Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Plan pdf-icon-sm (2 MB) Outlines plans to retain open space and develop recreation opportunities and parks.  
Shoreline Master Program pdf-icon-sm (5 MB) A detailed shoreline inventory and master program for managing shoreline development.  

Transportation Plan pdf-icon-sm (11 MB)

Transportation Plan Appendices pdf-icon-sm (11 MB)

Determines whether public transportation systems will adequately serve new development.  
Utilities Element pdf-icon-sm (5 MB) Inventories and proposed improvements for gas, electricity, cable TV, and telecommunications utilities.  


A: Neighborhoods pdf-icon-sm (2 MB)

B: County-Wide Planning Policies pdf-icon-sm (<1 MB)

C: Sustainable Thurston Goals and Actions pdf-icon-sm (9 MB)

D: Land Use and Housing Survey Results pdf-icon-sm (15 MB)

E: List of Foundational Plans and Documents pdf-icon-sm (<1 MB)

F: Glossary pdf-icon-sm (<1 MB)

G: Ordinance O2016-012 pdf-icon-sm (<1 MB)

H: 2016 Tumwater Soil Report pdf-icon-sm (2 MB)

Various documents that were used to collect and reference information used in the Comprehensive Plan.  
Subarea Plans:

Brewery District Plan

Black Hills Subarea Transportation Plan pdf-icon-sm (28 MB)

Capitol Boulevard Corridor Plan pdf-icon-sm (29 MB)

Littlerock Road Subarea Plan pdf-icon-sm (3 MB)

More detailed plans for specific areas within the City.  


Airport Neighborhood Future Land Use pdf-icon-sm (<1 MB)

Brewery District Future Land Use pdf-icon-sm (<1 MB)

City-Wide Future Land Use pdf-icon-sm (1 MB)

 Critical Aquifer Recharge Areas pdf-icon-sm (<1 MB)

Deschutes Neighborhood Future Land Use pdf-icon-sm (<1 MB)

Fire Districts, School, Library, and City Facilities pdf-icon-sm (<1 MB)

Forestry Lands Designation pdf-icon-sm (3 MB)

Frequently Flooded Areas pdf-icon-sm (<1 MB)

Fuel Pipeline, Gas, and Major Electric Lines pdf-icon-sm (<1 MB)

Geologically Hazardous Areas pdf-icon-sm (<1 MB)

Littlerock Neighborhood Future Land Use pdf-icon-sm (<1 MB)

Mineral Resource Lands pdf-icon-sm (<1 MB) 

Mottman Neighborhood Future Land Use pdf-icon-sm (<1 MB)

Neighborhoods pdf-icon-sm (<1 MB)

New Market Neighborhood Future Land Use pdf-icon-sm (<1 MB)

Sanitary Sewer System Map pdf-icon-sm (<1 MB)

SE Capitol Boulevard Neighborhood Future Land Use pdf-icon-sm

 (<1 MB)

Shorelines of the State pdf-icon-sm (<1 MB)

Stormwater System and Facilities pdf-icon-sm (<1 MB)

SW Tumwater Neighborhood Future Land Use

Town Center Future Land Use pdf-icon-sm (<1 MB)

Trosper Neighborhood Future Land Use pdf-icon-sm (<1 MB)

Tumwater Hill Neighborhood Future Land Use pdf-icon-sm (<1 MB)

Water System and Facilities pdf-icon-sm (2 MB)

Wetlands pdf-icon-sm (<1 MB)

Maps related to topics in the Comprehensive Plan elements.  

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